Sprout is just the beginning

We want to live in a world where everyone has the ability to harness their own electrical energy to power their homes. This is no longer science fiction, the technology required already exists, and for now it’s only a matter of cost. Sustainable energy is rapidly evolving, and if the right decisions are made, soon renewable energy production could make a huge impact in the amount of CO2 humans produce. This is a long-term vision, and we believe it begins with Sprout.

We want to see less of:

  • CO2 and Methane released into the atmosphere by humans
  • Thinking that energy can only come from a wall outlet
  • The most powerful source of energy in our solar system go underutilized

And more of:

  • Better public awareness regarding the state of our planet
  • Use of sustainable & renewable energy production
  • People producing their own energy

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